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The Bay Area Moreno Institute - BAMI

THE BAY AREA MORENO INSTITUTE  for Psychodrama and Applied Expressive Arts and Action Methods is dedicated to promoting the training, practice and development of Psychodrama, its offspring action methods & philosophies, and related fields in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 


BAMI supports the work of professionals and interested individuals by:

  • sponsoring high-caliber trainings, workshops and groups facilitated by credentialed psychodramatists and other professionals;
  • encouraging collaboration and cooperation between related institutes, programs trainers, and teachers in the greater Bay Area.

We Welcome Your Involvement

We welcome your involvement and/or input. Please let us know:
  • ways in which you would like to be involved
  • if you have mailing lists or e-mail lists whose members you would like to have included in our notices
  • if you or your group would like to post or forward our information
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