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A meeting of two: eye to eye, face to face And when you are near I will tear your eyes out and place them instead of mine and you will tear my eyes out and place them instead of yours then I will look at you with your eyes and you will look at me with mine. - Dr. J.L. Moreno

About Our Work

THE BAY AREA MORENO INSTITUTE  for Psychodrama and Applied Expressive Arts and Action Methods (BAMI) is dedicated to promoting the training, practice and development of Psychodrama, its offspring action methods & philosophies, and related fields in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.


What is psychodrama? Psychodrama is an experiential method of exploring our private and public worlds in a multi-dimensional, creative way through experience and action. It helps people safely express unexpressed feelings, develop insight and find and practice new, desired behaviors. Psychodrama encounters people where they are in the present and assists them in contacting and developing the best that is within themselves. As a natural outgrowth, people experience a deeper connection and appreciation of others. Psychodrama emphasizes creativity and spontaneity rather than illness and pathology.


Psychodrama Training is designed to augment and increase clinical skills and provide a theoretical understanding of the change process. Trainees are provided an opportunity to enhance their spontaneity, spirituality and enthusiasm in their professional lives. The training group is a sanctuary where professionals can gather and connect to receive support, nourishment and inspiration. Training will be both didactic and experiential with time for personal exploration and skills development. The techniques learned in psychodrama can be used for groups, couples and individuals of all ages.  Psychodrama has applications in many fields including psychotherapy, substance abuse, education, coaching, law and business.our 


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